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Victor Enrich

Lives and works at Barcelona

Born 20/02/1976


Education 1994-2002 Architecture @ Barcelona School of Architecture, ETSAB, Polytechnic University 1999-hoy Digital Photography, self taught. 1986-hoy CAD-3d Rendering, self taught. Solo exhibitions January 2016 “Suburbs”, Museum of the city og Ghent, Belgium. 2010 “Shalom”, “Nechama vahetsi gallery”, Tel Aviv, Israel. 2007 “Reval City”, TotaldobzeArt Center, Riga, Latvia. Group exhibitions Autumn 2015 Barbican Centre, London, UK. May 2015 National Museum of Photography, Bogotá, Colombia. March 2015 NHDK Project - Palau de Casavells Gallery, Girona, Spain February 2015 “Game, does it exist or not?” Museo in Erba, Bellinzona, Switzerland 2011 Alfred gallery, Tel Aviv Press Fluter.de Beaux Arts Magazine - France Mark magazine #38 Wired UK, March 2012 Docma - Doc Baumans Magazin für proffessionelle Bildearbeituung #58 Imagine Architecture, Artistic visions of the urban realm, Gestalten. Blueprint magazine #333, UK: Fahrenheit magazine, Mexico Rooilijn magazine #32, Netherlands GUP gallery magazine #39, Netherlands Das Konstruktiv #292, Austria. Courier international #1209, France Süddeutsche Zeitung, München #291, Germany. VVV Magazine Die Ziet, Germany. Online press Der Spiegel, El País, El mundo, La Reppubblica, The Guardian, Time magazine, GEO.de… Dezeen, Archdaily, Architizer, Archello… Artinfo Deutschland, Fastco Design, Grand Design magazine (Shanghai), Soperlage Flush the Fashion, Petapixel, Slate.fr…


My work is a constant manifest about one same subject: the City. The city, not only understood as the very well-known process of adding, subtracting or modifying spaces for all sorts of human activities but also as a complex system of nodes that involve and connect everybody’s blurry dreams, exacerbate passions, fearful nightmares or even tedious social life. The self-determination of the buildings manifested in the uniqueness of its combination of proportions, materials and functions behaves as the starting point of an investigative path towards the discovery of the forgotten soul of the city, (thus, myself…), which confronts consciousness and unconsciousness for the sake of finding the abnormal within the normal, the unusual around the usual, the hated among the beloved. Each part of the city acts as a catalyst of feelings, ideas and digressions that, once after its empowered soul emerges, becomes alive, unrestricted from norms, ready to fly into new, yet unexplored shapes. In cities, most spaces are achieved only by replication, thus maximizing the sublime contradiction of imitation as a source of creation. Knowing this ruthless law, I set myself the duty to witness the gravity of the urban soul while it changes from an understood shape into an intellectual experiment , always through a permeable decay towards the assumption of the volume, expelling newborn shapes as if they were already elderly. www.victorenrich.com

Tina Prize - Roma Artists Tina Prize - Berlin Artists Tina Prize - Bercelona Artists